Amy White is an experienced administrator and manager who loves to oversee and improve the lifecycle of large-scale projects. Currently an Accountant at KFB Investments, Inc. and Ilona Lane Apartments, Inc., Amy is a certified paralegal with bachelor’s degrees in Management and Accountancy. She began to pursue her Master of Business Administration in Project Management at Saint Leo University in October 2014, and plans to work in either Texas or Florida.

Amy has always found project management particularly useful in managing businesses, as well as planning projects in her personal life (she is an active volunteer in numerous law enforcement groups, a traveler, and a creative flower arranger). She enjoys working with people who take direct, yet diplomatic approaches to work in order to save time and stress. However, she knows that every team contains a multitude of personalities and quirks, and she prides herself on being a manager who can genuinely influence and communicate with everyone.

In the future Amy plans to be an online university instructor, teaching business courses to teenagers and adults. She is also interested in the opportunity to conduct in-class courses for universities or corporations that need to revamp their management and accounting systems. The education, real estate, pharmaceutical and technology industries all fascinate Amy and she hopes to take on versatile roles.

One of the most interesting and rewarding aspects of business for Amy is compliance. Compliance is vital not only for holding corporations accountable for actions, but for maintaining peace in local communities. Amy’s ongoing position in the Code Compliance Department of Fort Worth, which shares knowledge about the neighborhood’s property codes and enforces their upkeep, reminds her of this every day.

Amy has managed the trajectory of her own career as carefully as any other project, and her strategic education is helping her make the most of it. Her MBA at Saint Leo University will open doors for her in problem-solving and working with some of the most exciting teams across industries. She will also ultimately seek out a doctoral degree program.

Amy loves to see something she has planned get successfully executed, and she equally loves helping others reach that same milestone. Project management is a lifelong learning experience for both teacher and student. Little-known niches or tech developments always offer new project opportunities, and even established businesses often need to rethink their strategies. That’s why she has gravitated toward teaching so that she can watch others develop, grow, and succeed.