The Top Software Options for Project Management

When it comes to project management, the name of the game is efficiency. Well, that, organization, and time management.


In this modern world, where technology has creeped into all facets of practically every industry, those involved in project management have reaped the benefits of new softwares specializing in creating an organized, all-in-one space for projects big and small.

Project management tools can ensure tasks are delegated, work is accounted for, and communication between your team and client is seamlessly. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming deciding which is the best for you and your team.

Lucky for you, I’ve spotlighted some of the best project management software systems available to help make your decision that much easier!


Considered the “grandaddy of project management apps” by Creative Bloq, Basecamp is the go-to project management tool for small teams and big departments alike. With its basic plan starting at just $20/month, its capabilities are seemingly endless:

  • Multiple projects can be created and managed
  • Organized discussions can be setup for each individual task
  • To-do lists can be created, with each task able to be delegated to a individual or group of people
  • Completion dates can be scheduled
  • Documents can be created and shared

The best part about Basecamp? It’s mobile friendly, so you’re able to check the status of your projects on the go!


If you’re running a business where you need to keep track of payments, expenses, and invoices, then ActiveCollab 5.0 may be the app for you. Recently revamped, its considered a “powerful and focused” tool for project management, according to Creative Bloq. Including a feature allowing users to track payments and expenses, ActiveCollab also offers the ability to pay invoices directly within the app with PayPal and other credit card payments. With plans starting at $25/month, you can use this tool for its team collaborating features and time tracking tool on top of everything else.


What set’s Trello apart from the other project management tools on this list? It’s free! Operating as way to visualize an entire project with a single view, Trello allows users to create and organize cards to be placed on each project’s “board.” These cards, which all can collaborate on, can be useful thoughts and suggestions, conversations between you and your team, or to-do lists that can be assigned to individual team members.

Trello also offers a “gold package” at $45/year, which expands users ability to upload large attachments, save their searches, and more.